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The mission of VIP pokerclub is to provide a secure, fair and fast payout application. The gambling platform for living poker players is a dream come true and we did it!

Game cache

VIP pokerclub is based on interesting cash games and exciting tournament formats. Players all over the world compete against each other in intellectual and emotional sports in our poker room. Invite your friends to the private tables and find out who is the strongest! Everyone can find their way with VIP pokerclub, both a beginner and a professional player.

Loby game

Play high stakes with any players in the world. YOU will not notice how quickly you will take a seat at the table and play SPARK, HOT, MEMORABLE, INHIBITING games.
WIN and climb the leaderboard. Become the best of the best. Fight the strongest. Take your winnings and don't stop!


VIP pokerclub provides weekly tournaments of various formats: MTTs, SNGs and of course Ring Games. YOU will be able to compete for big prizes in the grasp of minds, tactics, assessment of the opponent and take the WINNING!

Increase your CASH with VIP pokerclub

Various poker formats

On our gaming platform, any poker player can play their favorite game variations. VIP pokerclub gives you the opportunity to try out different (best and newest) poker formats for all players in the world.

No Limit Hold'em

A classic that, after many years, is still loved and respected by players all over the world. No-Limit Texas Hold'em format. A game with two pocket and five community cards used by all players to make combinations. The historical passion for the format over the years is inspiring!


Gripped popularity with its many Omaha variations. It's a four-card pot-limit craziness and an eye-catching five-card Omaha! Embrace the variance and plunge into the madness of the poker world. Improve your skills and reach the next level.


This is an exciting Sit & Go tournament format in which players make a specific buy-in, after which the prize pool of the tournament, just before it starts, will randomly increase, giving you the chance to win a big prize in just a few minutes!

Play and train in our lobbies! Get stronger! Choose your way with VIP pokerclub!

Explore all play styles and improve your skills on our social networks

VIP pokerclub is not only a gambling platform. This is the house where YOU feel comfortable, the company of friends and quick feedback with support.

VIP pokerclub is a social platform that offers a unique feeling of being connected with a multitude of gambling sites around the world.

Regular updates, as well as formats and game features recommended by our players. We have a community of users on the social network: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, where you can find each other and watch the events.

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Multiple fun in the VIP pokerclub app! We did it - the multi-table has arrived!

Find out your possibilities by playing at many tables at the same time!

You can play at several tables at the same time on your mobile device at VIP pokerclub.

And of course the PC!

We've customized our desktop offerings with fully customizable game windows where you can easily play at multiple tables. Put your brain to the test!
The tables will alert you to action to keep up with the frantic pace of the game.

Learning curve

Try it - multi-table - this is a more challenging and fun process of playing poker, with solutions that come to you three times faster.
And remember - if you add too many tables too quickly, you risk stalling your game and losing your fun! So add tables step by step! We wish you the best of luck at the (multiple) tables!

Bona fide and safe gaming platform for anyone

At VIP pokerclub, we work responsibly every day to provide the best poker solution for poker enthusiasts around the world. Stability, ability to host tens of thousands of players simultaneously and overall server uptime.

Providing a PROTECTED and FAIR gaming environment

VIP pokerclub is certified against our Random Number Generator (RNG), which certifies that our RNG has been fully verified and meets industry standards for highly regulated jurisdictions.
We regularly test RNGs to keep the platform secure.

Anti-cheat team and anti-bot measures

At VIP pokerclub we have several systems to deal with this problem, and our first line of defense is our artificial intelligence (AI), which recognizes with a 99% probability whether the player is a bot or a human. More than eighty unique key indicators are used to detect and prevent bots, as well as the use of third-party software. The integrity of our games is key to our players' satisfaction, so continuing to tackle these issues is at the core of our direction...  More details

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