Anti-cheat team and anti-bot measures

Fraud protection

VIP Poker Club will provide you with high quality protection against various types of fraud. You can enjoy fair play on our gaming platform with the confidence that all games will be played in a quality, fast and safe environment. Our poker room will protect you from such types of fraud as:


One player creates several accounts in a certain poker room and simultaneously plays with them at the same table or participates in a tournament.
Multi-accounting is one of the most dangerous and widespread types of fraud.
Poker rooms prohibit players from opening more than one account per person. The main reason for this is their bonus offers. By preventing multiple accounts from being created, they prevent welcome bonus scams.
A person who plays from several accounts at the same table or in a tournament gets an unfair advantage over other players: in cash games he can see 4 cards, and in tournaments such as SNG, MTT, DON he gets “two lives” instead of one.
In turn, a function has been introduced into the security system of poker rooms that does not allow a user with the same IP address to register for participation in a tournament more than once. If other players suspect that this type of fraud takes place at the table, they can report this fact to the poker room's support service.

Poker bots

Poker bots are computer programs that place bets and play at the tables instead of the player, even if the player himself is not at the computer.
One of the most famous bots is the Polaris program (created at the University of Alberta in Canada), which is capable of winning most of the Texas Hold'em limit games when played with the pros.
Here are some of the different technologies and mechanisms for detecting bots:
• Identification of programs running in the background (for example, WinHoldem poker bot framework);
• Taking screenshots;
• Checking cursor movements for naturalness;
• Measuring player reaction time.
Activities such as using various programs in the background to help make decisions while playing poker are prohibited and monitored by the poker rooms.


This is a type of online poker fraud in which one player gives advice on how to play the game to another during a tournament or table game. This type of fraud is difficult to control.
Hosting takes place when, for example, two friends are sitting side by side and playing the same tournament, or when players help each other by talking on Skype or using the Teamviewer software during the game. The above actions provide players with the ability to transfer live screenshots from one computer to another computer, making ghosting quite affordable.
Ghosting is most often used at the final stage of online poker tournaments, when the prize pools are high and the coach can help in a difficult situation or prevent tilt.

Team play

The most common form of cheating occurs when 2 or more players share information with each other while playing at the same table. Collusion is not difficult to organize. It is enough to call a friend or write via Skype. This type of fraud takes a long time and is quite often detected by poker rooms.
Team play is prohibited by poker rooms, which is stipulated in the Terms of Service Agreement.

Access to maps

It is quite logical that a player who sees the cards of his opponents has a great chance of winning. Information about the open cards of opponents is stored centrally on the server of the poker room. It is almost impossible to steal data from the server.

Account sale

This is when a player sells their "seat" in an online poker tournament, usually to a professional player. Such precedents have already taken place, which is clearly against the rules of all online poker sites.

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